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FAQS - Retaining Walls

Why Should I Use Allan Block For My Landscape Project?

For more than 20 years Allan Block has made it easy to Plan, Design and Build landscape walls of distinction. Allan Block has a solution for almost any landscape application. View the Allan Block publications Landscape Lifestyles and Landscape Walls Installation Manual for some great ideas.


How High Of A Wall Can I Build With Allan Block?

Allan Block walls have been built over 40 feet in height (12.2m). More practical landscape walls, 6 feet in height and under (1.8m), are made easy by following the Allan Block publication Landscape Walls Installation Manual or the Allan Block Installation Guides.


Do I Need A Concrete Footing For The Blocks?

No. Allan Block is designed to sit on a compacted granular base. This saves time and money while providing a solid base for the blocks. See the Landscape Walls Installation Manual for the recommended depth and width of base for your wall.