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Pavilion paving stones can elevate your outdoor living space.Its designed to offer clean lines and a smooth surface to create a contemporary look.


Pavilion 6x6, 6x9, and 9x12 pavers are sold in combination packages. We offer the 6x9 as a border pack, which is available to order by the square foot. 


Component Name Image Nominal Size Inch Stones Per Square Foot Stones Per Pallet Square Feet Per Pallet
Pavilion Pavers Combo Pack 6x9 (60MM) 2.75 72 26
Pavilion Pavers Combo Pack 9x9 (60MM) 1.84 72 40
Pavilion Pavers Combo Pack 9x12 (60MM) 1.37 54 39
Pavilion Paver Border Pack 6x9 (60MM) 2.75 270 98